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The WorkCompEdge Process
Button: Avoid hiriing your next workers comp injury. Button: Eliminate overcharges by taking control of the premium audit. Button: Leadership is critical - select and train an injury management coordinator.
Button: Stay out of trouble with OSHA. Button: Verify and manage your experience mod - how to do it and why it matters. Button: Establish a clinic relationship - the right doctor, the right treatment, the right time.
Button: Build true safety culture - it's more than the incentive of the month. Button: Learn the lessons your experience mod can teach you. Button: The clock is ticking - things you must do in the first 24 hours after an injury.
Button: Four safety - implement OSHA's four-step safety program. Button: Avoid low bid mentality - best practices for selecting your insurance company. Button: Before and after an injury - the crucial role of the supervisor's actions and attitudes.
Button: A new paradigm - promoting the health of your workers. Button: Is your insurance company really working for you? Evaluate its performance. Button: Expedite return-to-work - it's critical to your health, morale, and your bottom line.

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